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Green Building magazine - winter 2007: floors and flooring
Zero carbon homes

Volume 17 No.3
Winter 2007



Highlights in this issue

New building for forest school innitiative
Realising a vision - new home in Stroud
The detailed Renovation of a Victorian Property
Flimwell Enterprise Centre - Wood building
Sweet chestnut cruck frame industrial unit
Are we on an environmental rollercoaster ride?
Zero carbon buildings at the BRE
Don't miss the green property train
Millennium communities - are they working?
Roger Budgen and Jane Powell of 'The Green Shop'
PRP architects challenge the concept of carbon neutral
Pragmatic restoration - Sustainability Centre

Main feature building elements - Floors
An introduction to ground floor science
Making old floors thermally efficient
Solving air leaks from floors into the cavity
Earthen floors
A case for composite joists
Cordwood floors
Underfloor heating
Wood floors and underfloor heating
The forum debate on floors and flooring
How should we deal with flooring waste

Products and Services regular feature


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