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Green Building magazine - Autumn 2009: Code for First UK certified Pasivhaus
Zero carbon homes

Volume 19 No.2



This issue of green building magazine examines in detail the code for Sustainable Homes and how designers and builders can work within its framework to achieve high ranking homes. We also include a number of critiques of the code in the hope the the government will rethink certain aspects such as the water and energy expectations.

As usual, this issue is also packed with loads of other stories including refurbishment, gated communities, community build, green schools and much more.

76 pages

Highlights in this issue

Main feature - Code for Sustainable Homes
- Are you ready for the code
- Water and the code
- How location and scale impact on the code
- Good Homes Alliance says Code could be better

In focus - renovation

Creating a refurb nation
Green facelift, part 3

A window on the future of glazing
Who adopts micro-heating technologies?

Skins of power - buildings as energy collectors
New ecohomes take the heat out of energy bills

Special feature - Green Building Store
Inside look into one of the success stories of the green building revolution.

Products and Services regular feature


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